Transit Vision Plan Introduction

Prince George's County is developing a five-year plan for improving and expanding transit within the County. The plan will evaluate potential methods for improving public transportation in the County.
We will focus on local bus service, taxis, private providers and other best practices for improving access to public transportation services.

The completed Transit Vision Plan (TVP) will provide the County with a roadmap for implementing sevice, facility, and operational enhancements to improve the County's transit system for the benefit of all County residents.

This website section contains basic information on the Transit Vision Plan including the County’s vision for transit, some information about why the plan is being completed, and the work that will be done on the plan over the next year.

We Want Your Thoughts

Throughout the transit vision planning process, the project team has conducted an extensive public outreach program that has provided invaluable input into the plan development.

Our outreach started with an onboard survey that covered trips on all routes in TheBus system, and covered all parts of the day. We also held a series of “pop-up” meetings at heavy ridership stops around the County to solicit input from riders on what they like about TheBus, and what they would like to see improved.

Finally, we held a series of public meetings in March where we presented the preliminary improvement recommendations and received feedback on attendees’ priorities. The input received gave us a detailed understanding of what is most important to the public and what improvements we should move forward with first.

Thanks very much for your participation