Transit Vision Plan Introduction

Prince George's County is developing a five-year plan for improving and expanding transit within the County. The plan will evaluate potential methods for improving public transportation in the County.
We will focus on local bus service, taxis, private providers and other best practices for improving access to public transportation services.

The completed Transit Vision Plan (TVP) will provide the County with a roadmap for implementing sevice, facility, and operational enhancements to improve the County's transit system for the benefit of all County residents.

This website section contains basic information on the Transit Vision Plan including the County’s vision for transit, some information about why the plan is being completed, and the work that will be done on the plan over the next year.

We Want Your Thoughts

Throughout the transit vision planning process, the project team will conduct an extensive public outreach effort to gain insight from community members, business owners and other users of the Prince George’s County transportation network. We are seeking input about how you travel throughout the region. Our goal is to measure how you currently use transit in the County and discover what future transit services we can offer to enhance your transportation experience. Your input will help guide our transit development vision.

As a part of these efforts, we are engaging the public at several pop-up events throughout the County this fall. Our outreach effort is designed to solicit input from a diverse cross section of the County’s population and transit riding public. These events will be staffed by project team members who will conduct surveys on your travel patterns, transportation choices and decision-making process. We hope you are as excited as we are and will participate in these events as they come to your neighborhood!