Preliminary Service Improvement Recommendations

The recommendations included in the attached .pdf file represent the full vision for service improvements to the Prince George’s County TheBus system and covers recommendations related to:

  • Improvements in service frequency, or the time between bus arrivals at a stop
  • Improvements in weekday hours of service, so that routes would run to approximately 10:00 PM
  • Expansion of service to Saturdays
  • Modifying routes to make them more direct and convenient
  • Extending existing routes to key activity centers to strengthen connections within the County
  • Utilizing Call-A-Bus to provide first and last mile connections in parts of the County that are not currently served by the County’s fixed route system. If these services are successful, they may ultimately be converted to fixed route service.

The recommendations contained in the .pdf file cover the full vision of improved service for TheBus, but financial resources are not available to implement all of the recommendations at once. We are currently working on determining the implementation time frame for the different recommendations based on each recommendation’s anticipated cost/benefit, how well the recommendation meets County goals, and available fleet to provide the service. Recommendations by time frame will be available on the website in about three weeks.

Listed in the .pdf file are the recommendations by geographic portion of the County, by recommendation type.